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In this article MAIN REASONS FOR THE DELAY MENSTRUAL have information of the causes of menstrual delay which may be several options before starting treatment and indicated the cause of menstrual delay. WHAT ARE THE MAIN REASONS FOR THE DELAY MENSTRUAL?, MAIN REASONS FOR THE DELAY MENSTRUAL,


The delay in menstruation is generally related to some health problems but the missed period may be linked to pregnancy or be just a normal delay.
As one of the main reasons for missed period is pregnancy that does not allow menstruation to occur and for a period of nine months where any bleeding is considered a risk for pregnancy may be an early abortion.
Among reasons for missed period breastfeeding that we can delay menstruation indefinitely delay or absence of menstruation in breastfeeding usually occur in most women, breastfeeding and responsible for hormone production that did not prevent ovulation ovulation menstruation does not occurs.
Health problems such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, cysts, hormonal disorder, may be grounds for delay menstruation for some women health problems may not have the same symptoms two women with ovarian cysts such as a power forward and the other bleeding menstrual delay this will depend on how these cysts will interfere with ovulation and may increase ovulation and even stop ovulation.
When we have a missed period is indicated that the gynecologist to try it evaluates the delay of menstruation, as we find a range of options for menstrual delay before starting treatment, the search is indicated to diagnose the cause of the delay

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