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Eng to portuguese translation

Click and learn to use translation tool most used the internet. With the increasing spread of internet and technology, foreign language is no longer a major obstacle.


O inglês é a língua mais falada do mundo./ English is the most spoken language in the world.

Today, even with thousands of sites, texts, books, stories, movies and more translated into Portuguese, there are still content only found on British language.

With the large number of countries that speak the English language and English and the huge participation in the North American market for academic journals, literary and a series of posts on the internet eventually arouse interest in many people here in Brazil.

If you do not have much facility with the English language, may resort to using a tool that evolves every day as its utility: The Online translator.

This tool enables the person put the text you want to translate into a predefined space and with a simple click, all will be revealed and translated into their mother tongue.

Use Google translator is very simple. Upon entering the site of the tool, you’ll notice the presence of two blanks. The space on the left is where the content will be translated and space on the right, when the translation will be complete. Simply copy the content you want to translate the white space on the left and click “translate”.

Google Translate also has a lot of languages that can be translated not only into Portuguese, but also for any of them. Simply click on top of languages that appear just above the whitespace and choose your preference.

Link to Google Translate:  http://translate.google.com.br/#pt/en/

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